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The Number One for SAP-Primavera Integration

CEI's Vision & Mission



CEI's vision is to empower organizations running SAP as their back-end to effectively integrate external scheduling applications and other data sources into a seamless process flow for the mature management of enterprise projects.



CEI offers packaged integrated project management solutions for enterprise organizations to run large and complex projects more effectively and more efficiently.

CEI delivers the most advanced solutions to enhance the seamless management of complex enterprise projects by integrating PPM, SAP ERP, external scheduling applications, and other data sources. For that purpose, CEI has developed unique enhancements that ensure functionality and performance, and packaged unique solutions for the integrated management of Capital Projects, Product and Service Delivery Projects, and Outage, Turnaround and Maintenance Projects. The company keeps enhancing these solutions.

Our enterprise project management solutions are built around SAP PPM, SAP ERP and Oracle-Primavera. We use SAP’s Enterprise Project Connection (EPC) tool to integrate SAP and Primavera, and LinchPin to connect mobile workers for a more efficient execution of work.

We are the only organization, globally, that focuses on implementations of SAP EPC for SAP-Primavera Integration.