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Shouldn't one just use "EPC Out-of-the-Box"?


Short Answer: One should use the EPC platform "out-of-the-box" but not the (deliberately) limited functionality of the demo template.


EPC out-of-the-box consists of two main pieces: (a) A most scalable, flexible and "lightweight"platform, and (b) a generic template. At a first glance, customers try to assess the value of EPC by looking at the fields, and number of fields, that make up the mappings of the template. However, the essence of the application is in the platform, not the template.

The EPC out-of-the-box template uses a limited number of BAPIs, and is kept generic to give an impression of many possible mappings. This is equivalent with an IDES or industry template being installed for SAP ERP. From that point on the solution needs to be tailored to the specific needs of the customer - in an implementation.