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viagra 50mg or 100mg Why use SAP-EPC and not a competitive product?

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go to link Short Answer: Because EPC is the only product that is all of the following: lightweight, project-management focused, straightforward to modify and enhance, and ERP-centric by design.


diflucan mg kg EPC is in principle architected similar to other enterprise integration solutions (like Inspire, Impress, Pipeline), but has some distinct advantages. Like those, on a very high level it has adapters that tie into the API's for SAP and Primavera, and a Java-based "middleware" piece to handle the data mappings, flow orchestration, and transfer mechanics and controls. EPC is more lightweight than Inspire since it does not use SAP's EAI solution (XI or PI). It is specifically built to integrate SAP and Primavera (or MS Project), but can go beyond that.

best way to get high off neurontin Functionally, EPC solutions focus on the by far more complex of the integrated applications - SAP ERP. While implemented solutions may be Primavera-centric on some level, the profound understanding of the impact of ERP back-end integration on complex project management functions provides an inherent differentiator.

Technically, EPC is controlled out of SAP ERP, including all security aspects. "Configuration" is done in XSLT, which makes it very scalable and straightforward to adjust. The main challenge is understanding not just all technical moving parts and the APIs, but above all the full (and detailed) process flow across the applications and throughout the project life cycle. That is where most implementations fall flat, and where knowledge, skills, tools and experience come in.

From our perspective, SAP EPC has all the capabilities of other solutions, is more enterprise-ready, and still light-weight and flexible. Game over. Now one just needs to find the best implementation partner.