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Do I just need to add more RAM to the EPC to improve Performance?


Short Answer:No, the EPC server is almost never the bottleneck.


The EPC server itself is almost never a bottleneck for the performance of EPC transfers. While certain architectural conditions need to be considered (e.g. minimum requirements for RAM, configuration during installation), other factors are usually much more critical. Among them are the location of the EPC (NetWeaver) server particularly in respect to the Primavera API and Database server(s), and also to the SAP ERP system, the network and its latency, concurrent use of the SAP ERP and Primavera applications, database and table tuning of the Primavera and SAP ERP environment, the breaking out of database and application servers, the power of each server (CPU and RAM), the use of the APIs, and as the arguably most significant aspect: the overall data flow design and the functional design and how it is implemented.

Enhancements can leverage the full capabilities of the EPC platform and of the integrated applications, e.g. CEI's EPC Plus and EPC Transfer Manager.