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how much does ventolin cost in canada Solution Design for Integrating External Scheduling Applications with SAP EPC


This is a results-oriented workshop. It prepares an organization’s business and IT community for the implementation of an integrated project management solution. The team walks through the enterprise project management lifecycle to clarify and identify the overall vision for integrated project management. Then it defines the functional solution requirements considering specific tools and solution components, and develops a tentative implementation approach and plan. Participants should have a basic understanding of project management, and of relevant tools. Course Description

A senior process and functional expert with extensive directly applicable skills and experience facilitates this three-day workshop. It often precedes the official kickoff of an integration project using SAP Enterprise Project Connection (EPC), or is its first step. The workshop includes conceptual and process considerations based on PMBOK standards. It puts them in the context of SAP and other business applications and technologies, and defines high-level process, functional, and technical solution requirements.


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This workshop creates clarity and uses relevant practical experience and knowledge to prepare for the decisions that quickly add value to an organization. It can save lots of money by preventing waste of time and effort on the wrong products and services. At the end of the workshop the participants will be able to describe their organization’s envisioned solution and decide on the best way forward.


click here Key Deliverables

By the end of this workshop, the team will have developed the following:

  • allegra user reviews Conceptual Solution Design - Verbal Process Description and Generic Process Flow
  • enter Functional Solution Design - Basic Object Relationships and Mapping Flow
  • Technical Solution Design - Tentative Technical Infrastructure Diagram
  • Conceptual Solution Design - Tentative Implementation Plan


go site Agenda

• Vision and High Level Scope (Conceptual Solution Design) (ca. 1 to 2 days) (1) Walk through a typical Project Lifecycle (initiation, planning, execution, closing, monitoring), (2) Review of the Application Landscape, Review of Core PMBOK Knowledge Areas (Scope, Cost, Time, Resources, Procurement), and (3) Definition of high-level target processes and data flow
in the context of SAP and the scheduling application. • Functional Solution Design (ca. 1 to 2 days) Review and definition of general object design and mappings, i.e. Project, WBS, Milestones, Internal and External Activities/Tasks, Resources, Hours, Progress, Dates, and Other Fields and Conditions. • Technical Solution Design (ca. ½ day) Analysis of the system architecture, technical environment, application landscape, and support context. • Implementation Approach (ca. ½ day) Development of a project management plan for the implementation of an integrated project management solution, considering key activities, timelines, and resources.

  • DAY 1: Conceptual Solution Design - Getting Started  
    • Walk through a typical Project Life Cycle (Initiation, Planning, Execution, Closing, Monitoring)
    • Review of Core PMBOK Knowledge Areas (Scope, Cost, Time, Resources, Procurement)
    • Review of the current and envisioned Application Landscape
    • Define High-Level Target Processes and Data Flow in the Context of SAP and other Tools
  • DAY 2: Functional Solution Design - Getting Specific  
    • Review and Define the General Object Design and Related High-Level Mappings, i.e. Project, WBS, Milestones, Activities, Resources, Hours, Progress, Dates, and Other Fields and Conditions
    • Describe Detailed Considerations for Field-Level Mappings
  • DAY 3: Technical Solution Design - Getting It Done  
    • Evaluate Solution Components, i.e. Options for Execution Management, Scheduling, and Technical Interfaces
    • Describe the required System Architecture, Technical Environment, and Application Landscape
    • Review Typical Implementation Challenges
    • Develop a tentative Project Management Plan for the Implementation of an Integrated Project Management Solution, considering Key Activities, Timelines, and Resources. Target Audience

For best value, the client should contribute experienced personnel from the PMO, business process and functional owners, and functional and technical experts in the use of relevant Project Management Applications (i.e. SAP PS, PPM, other SAP modules, MS Project and Primavera). Particularly for the technical solution design, the IT department is to be represented also. There typically will be about 5 to 8 participants, some only joining part-time.


Can You Buy Viagra Over The Counter At Walmart Other Considerations

The client should prepare by reviewing and contributing any process standards and sample data available. Logistically, the workshop requires a conference room with a projector and Internet access. CEI can provide access to an EPC environment to demonstrate functionality and to validate specifications. Through its team members the client provides access to its own SAP ECC and scheduling application (i.e., MSP or P6 environments), to review relevant transactions and sample project data.