T&E EPC Implementations
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see Time & Expense Based SAP-EPC Implementations

Viagra Kaufen Nicht Online In some circumstances it can make sense to deliver EPC implementation services in the form of "traditional" consulting work, as Time and Expense based engagements. Examples are when:


  • The process definition is "in flux" since it is part of a bigger overall ERP or EAM solution implementation, leaving us unable to manage logistical or change management aspects of the implementation
  • A substantial change management effort is going on during the implementation of an integrated SAP-Priamvera solution, requiring consistent engagement with user communities in a complex environment (a special case of the first bullet)
  • Implementations tackle processes and an overall design that does not fit in the picture of a pre-packaged solution, e.g. for integrating SAP-PS with Primavera and with MS Project and a mobile solution

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More often than pure T&E based implementation services, these are offered in combination with other services or solutions, i.e. workshops, EPC installations, or the deployment of an enhanced solution.

Even time and expense based implementations typically leverage Can U Buy Valtrex Over The Counter In Canada EPC Plus accelerators, and sometimes even does cymbalta get u high EPC Transfer Manager. In such circumstances the client may procure these accelerators as a one-time expenses for use with a specific business division, or for the whole enterprise organization. The nature of T&E based implementations is that due to their customer-specific nature they require more involved specification workshop(s) and validation tasks (integration and end-user testing).

Implementation work usually happens instead of solution deployments, but sometimes also by supporting the rollout of a solution deployment to other business divisions.

As most enterprises have experienced in IT projects, scope and cost control is more difficult with T&E based engagements. Some consulting companies don't mind, and they can provide good value to guide an enterprise through change management and overall process optimization projects.

Our goal at CEI also is to increase the maturity of project management organizations, by laying the foundation for consistent processes across applications and through the complete project life cycle.

We do that - but we usually do not like to sell time. We prefer to sell specified value.