EPC Installations
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watch EPC Installations

Ciprofloxacin Online Bestellen Xxl In rare situations our customers consider installing the generic Enterprise Project Connection (EPC) out-of-the-box template as sufficient for their immediate requirements, usually as a proof-of-concept installation. The typical duration of such an SAP-Primavera integration installation is about 30 days, and the typical effort is about 15 to 20 days. All installation work can be performed remotely. EPC installation tasks consist of the following deliverables:


  1. Technical architecture analysis and design, considering hardware, operating systems, databases, and version of SAP ERP, EPC, and Primavera
  2. Setup of an EPC server, or validation of the server setup (including Netweaver)
  3. Setup of a Primavera API server, or validation of the server setup (including web application server)
  4. Installation of the Primavera API
  5. Installation of the EPC Java component
  6. Guiding the installation of the EPC ABAP component
  7. Configuring of EPC setup and connection parameters
  8. Testing of the EPC connections and of generic bi-directional data transfer
  9. Generic know-how transfer session for client personnel
  10. Generic documentation of the installation


Prescription Mobic 15 Mg Success of an EPC installation is defined by producing the above deliverables, above all the successful bi-directional transfer of data between SAP and Primavera using the newly installed application.

site francais pour commander du viagra The generic configuration of some XSLT parameters can be added to the basic installation work. Such configuration is typically limited to changes of XSLT mapping field names (e.g. EPS nodes, activity codes, user-defined fields), or the de-activation of certain mappings.


Please keep in mind that an out-of-the-box installation of SAP-EPC for SAP-Primavera integration is in almost all circumstances no replacement for a full implementation. It can be used as a proof-of-concept, or even in production for low-volume data transfers using limited mappings and related logic. It does not address conditional updates, additional fields and mappings or the creation of objects that are not part of the standard BAPIS used in the out-of-the-box template, transfer controls, or specific processes, to name just a few.