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POP Rapid Solution Deployments for SAP-EPC


CEI’s advanced solutions, called Process Optimization Packages (or POPs) for Enterprise Project Connection (EPC), can be deployed rapidly and at a fixed price. Deployments use a proven methodology and standard project plan. All deployment tasks can be done remotely, particularly when working with a deployment partner.

POPs for EPC have the advantage of being pre-packaged combining advanced technical capabilities (i.e. conditional updates), functionality (i.e. additional fields and mappings and transfer of master data), and features (i.e. split of projects into sub-projects, WBS ID alignment). Among others, they are delivered with:


  • Pre-defined proven functionality expressed in typical object and field mappings
  • Pre-packaged EPC workflows and steps reflecting proven process flows
  • API enhancements, and also related XSLT mappings
  • Packaged installation of the generic and enhanced EPC environment
  • A standard and proven implementation methodology and related deliverables
  • Specifically applicable know-how transfer sessions
  • Technical and functional documentation relating to the SAP-Primavera integration solution
  • A precise list of delivered integrated business scenarios (use cases).


POPs for SAP-EP are aligned with PMBOK standards for scope, cost, time, and resource (procurement and HR) management, across a full project life cycle.


Visit our EPC Solutions section to gain a better understanding of the capabilities of each POP.