Contractor Service Delivery Projects
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Fungsi Voltaren Salep Service Delivery Projects (General Contractor) using SAP ERP, Primavera, and EPC


This case study describes the solution implemented for a general contractor who manages the construction of capital projects for their clients.


here Characteristics

  • EC&O company with excellent in-house project management capabilities but limited formal maturity of processes and tools
  • Part of a new implementation of SAP and Primavera


here Main Challenges

  • Greenfield SAP and Primavera implementation
  • Consider support for remote locations without reliable network or Internet access
  • Multiple business divisions Solution Description and Specifications

The high-level process starts in SAP, triggered through a sales order. Key billing milestones become WBS elements, lower level structures are established to support the contract execution. Transfer of detailed structures between SAP and Primavera, calculation of dates in Primavera and reporting of progress in Primavera. Return of dates and progress from Primavera to SAP. Standard project structures are to be defined in SAP. Outcome and Value

  • All functional goals and business requirements successfully delivered
  • All technical goals and business requirements successfully delivered


Xenical Online Buy Implementation Logistics

  • Effort: ca. 4 months, plus continuous support
  • Workshop and integration testing on-site, all other work done remotely
  • Development of solution in CEI’s environment, then deployment at client’s site
  • Overall coordination of activities by a local systems integrator
  • Use of CEI’s EPC Plus accelerators Lessons Learned

  • Due to the projects managing the core revenue-generating activities of the client, process changes address interface requirements.
  • Implementing both SAP and Primavera at the same time makes it more challenging to nail down specifications.