Capital Project Management
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Buy Cialis Online Yahoo Answers Capital Project Management with SAP ERP, Primavera, and EPC


This case study of SAP-EPC describes a capital project management process with different levels of details between the SAP and the Primavera applications. SAP structures and data stay high-level and are mainly to support financial and procurement information, while Primavera contains schedule details relevant to the execution of the projects.


here Characteristics

  • Multi-billion oil company
  • Integration to support the management of capital investment projects
  • Established and mature Primavera scheduling process


quick delivery viagra Main Challenges

  • Part of an ongoing SAP implementation (including PPM, PS, PM, HR, FI, CO, MM)
  • Complex process definitions, particularly relating to Primavera
  • Primavera instances are hosted
  • Connectivity to multiple Primavera instances, using SAP-EPC
  • Breaking out of SAP projects into Primavera sub-projects
  • Identifying the best integration with SAP Procurement


Proscar Online Apotheke Solution Description and Specifications

The high-level process starts in SAP with the establishment of high-level structure (WBS, general network with procurement items as activities). Transfer of these high-level structures in Primavera, optionally broken out into multiple Primavera projects. Scheduling and managing of execution in Primavera, and sending back of scheduled dates and progress information to the summary level in SAP. All transfers are done using SAP-EPC.


mobic 7.5mg price Outcome and Value

  • All functional goals and business requirements successfully delivered
  • Process may require slight adjustments after SAP Go Live Implementation Logistics

  • Effort: ca. 6 months part-time work accompanying the core SAP implementation, and additional effort for modification and roll-out to a new legal entity with differing requirements
  • The majority of the functional work and installation support was done on-site, all technical work was done remotely
  • Overall coordination of activities with a local systems integrator
  • Use of CEI’s EPC Plus accelerators Specific Lessons Learned

  • Using multiple instances of hosted Primavera instances provided architectural challenges and impact performance negatively (i.e. due to network latency)
  • Importance of tailored error handling and data alignment tools