Outage Management
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http://greenvalleyapart.com/?cos=Order-Zofran-Online&135=7a Outage Management with SAP ERP, Primavera, and EPC


This case study describes a standard outage management process using SAP ERP, Primavera and SAP-EPC, with some specific functional and technical challenges. Even the basic process could not fully addressed with the out-of-the-box EPC template. Additionally, some technical and functional peculiarities, and particularly aggressive performance targets, required the use of substantial enhancements.


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  • Large utility with 16 plants (nuclear and fossil)
  • Complex integration to support nuclear outages
  • Complex client organization requiring coordination among many groups in IT and business
  • Pilot for nuclear division with relatively mature processes across SAP PM and Primavera
  • Replacement of an old custom solution


see Main Challenges

  • Aggressive performance requirements for SAP-EPC, to support multiple transfers per day
  • Upgrade of Primavera infrastructure, limited process changes
  • In-flight projects are to be supported


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The process starts with EPC copying the work orders from the last outage (as task lists) in SAP. This scope plus any add-ons and modifications will be loaded into Primavera, where relationships will be added. All planning will be done in SAP, covering all work orders and related operations, and all assignments of resources. Variations will first be addressed in SAP, similar to the initial scope. In Primavera, the operations (P6 term: "activities") will be scheduled and dates will be generated, and their completion will be reported. Dates and completion information will be sent back to SAP, using SAP-EPC.


Buy Atarax Online Canada Outcome and Value

  • Performance goals achieved
    • Initial load of ca. 15,000 activities in about an hour
    • 15,000 activities synchronized in about 15 minutes
  • Both new and inflight projects supported
  • All functional goals and business requirements successfully delivered


Atarax Tablets To Buy Implementation Logistics

  • Effort: ca. 4 months
  • Workshop and integration testing on-site, all other work done remotely
  • Overall coordination of activities by the local SAP organization
  • Development of solution in CEI’s environment, then deployment at client’s site
  • At times 24x7 implementation support across multiple time zones
  • Use of CEI’s EPC Plus and Transfer Manager tools


source url Lessons Learned

  • Primavera infrastructure & Performance strongly had challenged our ability to deliver on the performance targets
  • Inflight projects required very substantial cutover support since they dealt with legacy data and the P6 update required data changes
  • Rollout to other divisions will require extensive process standardization and change management