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CEI has ten distinct competitive advantages.

If you are interested in implementing SAP-Primavera integration solutions, ask your service partner whether they can match the below. [See also our White Paper “Selecting a Service Partner to Integrate SAP and Primavera using SAP EPC”]


http://spotliteme.com/?eq=where-to-buy-yasmin-pill-in-singapore&219=fb 1. Success Stories.
CEI has success stories in many complex implementations, on different continents, in multiple industries, and covering maintenance/turnarounds, capital, and solution delivery processes.
-> Few other organizations have done even simple implementations.

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CEI’s advanced process optimization packages (POP) can literally be deployed within hours or days, then allowing for the adjustments according to a large number of configuration options.
-> No other organization has such capabilities.

watch 3. Standardized Rapid Integration-Specific Implementation Tools.
CEI’s POPs come with rapid implementation tools focusing on the integration between SAP and Primavera, improving the quality of the solution delivery, reducing risk for the customer, speeding up implementations, and cutting down on required implementation services and costs.
 -> No other organization has such capabilities.

http://virtual360.net/?free=price-for-flonase&195=97 4. Custom Development and Demonstration Environments.
CEI has its own custom development and demonstration environments. These can be used to demonstrate the unique capabilities of our packaged solutions.
-> Few if any other organizations have such capabilities.

Avodart Annual Sales 2012 5. Packaged Technical Extensions of EPC Capabilities.
With its Transfer Manager and EPC Plus acceleration and enhancement tools, CEI has significantly enhanced the inherent capabilities of EPC to a degree that allows field-level update control, user-centric dynamic transfer options, tailored transfer log and error handling, interaction with other data sources, custom transactions, detailed transfer control, and performance optimization.

These enhancements take full advantage of the out-of-the-box EPC platform, and are in line with guidelines on how to configure and enhance the out-of-the-box EPC capabilities.
-> No other organization has these technical capabilities.

http://beautywithinclinic.com/?qo=Voltaren-Dolo-English-Online&67a=ca 6. Packaged Functional Extensions of EPC Templates.
CEI’s advanced packaged optimization packages (POPs) reflect mature solutions and support well thought-through process scenarios based on experience with dozens of processes, companies, and industries. Solutions are not just defined as mappings and logic aspects, but viewed in the larger context of cross-application processes along the full project life cycle.

Examples of such ready-to-deploy functional extensions are the combining PS and PM transfers, the creation of project objects in SAP based on data in Primavera, the bi-directional transfer relationships, the pulling of additional fields from SAP, P6 to P6 transfers, the conditional integration into multiple Primavera environments, the conditional splitting of projects in Primavera, the pulling of HR master records from SAP, the alignment of WBS IDs between SAP and Primavera, the alignment of calendars, the measurement of work output through Statistical Key Factors (SKF) in SAP, the reporting of progress in SAP, and the dealing with custom fields in SAP.
-> No other organization has such capabilities.

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CEI’s has established an effective partner network. Due to our focus on specialized packaged technical solution aspects we do not compete with our partners, but team up with them for everybody’s benefits.

CEI has cultivated very close relationships with SAP in the PPM (and more specifically EPC) area. These include PPM and EPC Solution Management and Development, PPM and EPC Sales, SAP’s management of industry solutions, and many SAP sales teams.
-> Few other organizations have managed to partner without competing.

go here 8. Genuine Global Reach.
CEI has proven global delivery capabilities. We have successfully implemented SAP EPC on all continents. Our ability to successfully deliver projects globally is a function of our product definition (packaged), solution delivery model (remote), and marketing and positioning (process-centric niche player).

As a result, CEI has established the credible capability to successfully deliver projects globally.
-> Few if any other organizations have such capabilities.

9. A Unique Delivery Model.
Our superior technical capabilities, packaging of advanced solutions in POPs and implementation tools enable CEI to deploy and implement its solutions remotely, with or without cooperation with locally present partners and industry experts. CEI brings to the table a complete team with all skills needed at various times during implementations, efficiently using specialist capabilities whenever needed, without requiring any team member to spend 100% of his or her time on any specific project.

We do not try to maximize our service revenue by hanging around client sites, but want to rapidly deploy powerful and proven solutions tailored to our clients’ context. And then we move on, limiting our interaction to providing second or third level of support, if and as required.
-> We are not a typical service organization. Good for you.

10. Unsurpassed Senior Level SAP-Primavera Integration Experience.
CEI has assembled a uniquely qualified team with an unsurpassed strong understanding of PPM and ERP in general, SAP more specifically, integration technologies, and project management. This team has worked in the area of SAP-Primavera and SAP-MS Project integration for over a decade. It combines all aspects of ABAP, Java, XSL, Primavera, SAP PS, SAP PM, other SAP modules, and MS Project. CEI does not try to maximize billable hours.
-> CEI has the largest number of experienced EPC experts.