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Our EPC Plus enhancements address some inherent limitation of the out-of-the-box EPC template provided by SAP. While the EPC Platform is extremely powerful and flexible, the out-of-the-Box EPC Template comes with a number of inherent limitations. It only supports a pre-defined number of standard BAPIs, and its default mappings are of a generic nature. This makes the template usable for a generic demonstration of capabilities, or as a starting point for implementations.

However, like other demo or training templates of SAP (e.g. the IDES system), it is extremely unlikely that a pure installation of such a template will address a customer's requirements.

CEI has invested significantly into Research and Development to provide the below capabilities for SAP-Primavera integration. They essentially function as accelerators during implementations, reducing risks, and enabling rapid-development and rapid-deployment capabilities of tailored EPC solutions. All of CEI's Process Optimization Packages (POPs) come with EPC Plus.


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  1. go site More Functionality.
    Delivers a large number of typically used additional fields and mappings for SAP-Primavera integration, using standard and officially recommended platform components of SAP-EPC.
  2. http://timetostay.com/?ras=Lopid-uk&85c=8d Faster Deployments and Implementations.
    With additional API and XSLT functions and features, and an enhanced code base, we can more rapidly deploy and tailor EPC solutions.
  3. http://stellarhospitality.com/?ep=cialis-preiswert&c5f=83 Reduced Risk.
    Our EPC enhancements are proven and tested, allowing for a more rapid development of proof-of-concepts (POCs).


Buy Doxycycline Canada API Enhancements

The following enhancements to the API significantly enhances the functionality, performance, and thus overall capability of an SAP-Primavera integration solution using SAP Enterprise Project Connection (SAP-EPC):

  • Pulling data from SAP
    • More fields related to default mappings, i.e. lookups of descriptions for company codes, plants, profit centers
    • More objects and fields from other functions of SAP ERP, i.e. vendor information, HR record information, statistical key figures
    • Custom fields created in SAP
  • Push data into SAP
    • Percent complete load into SAP
    • Creation of activities in SAP
    • Creation of WBS elements in SAP
    • Ability to change statuses and release some SAP objects
    • and more
  • Selecting data in SAP
    • Ability to specify a number of selection criteria, typically in the form of SAP ‘range tables’
    • Ability to specify additional parameters in the form of a table of parameters
    • Ability to specify which tables to return
    • Ability to select multiple projects, wbs and networks in a single RFC call
    • Ability to combine projects with networks and activities (PS) or operations (PM) in one RFC call


source site XSLT Enhancements

The following enhancements to the SAP-EPC XSLT layer significantly enhances the functionality, performance, and thus overall capability of an SAP-Primavera integration solution using SAP Enterprise Project Connection:

  • Conditional Updates to allow options for what data is to be transferred
  • Conditional Updates to allow performance improvements
  • Aligning WBS ID display between SAP and Primavera
  • Pre-developed support for Primavera-centric scenarios and features, e.g. calendar mappings


enter site Other Capabilities

CEI's EPC Plus enhancements delivers the following additional capabilities for SAP-Primavera integration solutions:

  • Pre-developed capabilities to break out projects into sub-projects
  • Pre-developed capabilities to link from one SAP ERP and EPC instance to multiple Primavera instances
  • Pulling data directly from the Primavera DB
  • Transferring data inside Primavera, from one project to another one ("P6 to P6 Transfer")
  • "Hooks" for customer-specific enhancements (own name space)